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Awarded at the Embassy. Globally featured in the medias!

Offered by Ambassador of India to Japan, 'DHOAD Japan Tour 2019' members had an great honor to give performance in front of the guests at Embassy of India, Tokyo.

Their activities was commended by the Ambassador. 

Kindly scroll down the photos till the end. 

Yuriko danced 'Chaaptilak' and Improvisation Rajasthani.

2019_Newspaper in India.jpg

'DHOAD Japan Tour 2019' which had invited Padma Shri Gulabo Sapera Ji was highlighted in the newspaper of India.

Yuriko dressed in Emerald x Black dress

Greetings from Japanese dancers was broadcasted by the biggest regional news channel of Rajasthan, India (2020).

Director of DHOAD received Rajasthan States Award.

The trailer highlighted 'DHOAD Japan Tour 2019', in which UNESCO Award had been given.

A lot of heart warming messages from the dancers!  

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