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'Rays Celebration'
Energetic session online with Yuriko Lys blanc,
Artist weaving light

#PlatinumRay #DiamondRay

Crystal-Facets of Heart .JPG

For YOU,

The gemstones resting in cosmic ocean...

Via ZOOM session, let Yuriko Lys blanc polish the facets of your heart through the portals crafted with Rays carrying its own wisdom. 



“ I've been having regular Limitless Transmission sessions, as well as Spiritual healing sessions with Yuriko for a few months, and they have been incredibly helpful and have provided me with a deep cleanse at all levels of my being.”

— Luisa Freitas, London UK, Visual Artist

Silver Sparkle Wallpaper for Christmas.j

Why not tap-in portal and bask in sparkling, to become brighter with Rays?

Special offering of distant healing session in 60 Euro, limited 8 people until 8 Aug 2021, with coupon code: 20-min-trial

Yuriko Lys blanc, mastering the art of healing.

Lys blanc

Artist weaving light

Mastering the art of healing through 7 yrs of rich training period on-site. 

Her authentic presence - embodiment of truth/wisdom - leads clients out into their own ground. 

Select your time zone, book your private space for the session at:


Upon payment via credit card (PayPal/Stripe: Apple Pay, Google Pay etc), confirmation mails with ZOOM link will reach your mailbox automatically.

You can add our appointment to Google Calendar with clicking the link provided in the confirmation mail.


Should you have any questions, drop your inquiry through the contact form at: 

Pretty much looking forward to fine-tuning

as your sacred space holder! 

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