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1987 - 1998

Put Yuriko's heart into dancing classical ballet

Beautiful movements of ballerinas near her house enchanted her through the window. Then she began ballet and trained over 900 hours. 

In 1992, Don Quixote's Cupid role was appointed to her as a soloist, in which she was requested to dance the challenging choreograph totally the same with that of professional, although she was under the age of 10 at that time.

Upon the success of performing Cupid role, the school headmaster nominated her as the first candidate of Clara, the prima ballerina's role in Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker, which consists of 3 acts. 

2006 - 2007

Body tuning by Pilates

After Yuriko gave up dancing ballet, she felt the needs to tune-up her body. She gradually adjusted her muscle through the Pilates program provided by the ballet studio. 

2011 - 2013

​Intensive yoga training as well as deep relaxation

When Yuriko happened to experience yoga at the poolside of the beach resort, she felt her Chakra's presence. The Power Yoga became her favorite training to practice at home by making use of video materials. Also, the Yin Yoga practice every night has chilled out tension charged in her body.

2013 - 2016

Active performance of Indian/Roma dance

Yuriko bumped into Bollywood dance and her heart was robbed by addict music and fascinating facial expression. That’s the beginning of her travel to seek exotic dance of tribal flavour. 


She learned variety of Indian dance such as Roma style, court dance, and Sufi. These basic experiences are maximised to dance Bollywood as a professional entertainer.

2014 - 2016

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Yuriko came to realize the importance of tribal dance skill as well as improvisation, that's why she began learning how to create choreography in Tribal Fusion Belly Dance.   

2016 - 2019

Appearance on the stage/film as the Bollywood dance team

As medium, Yuriko was vibrant performer empowering team-mates in the genesis of the Chakrika. She also prepared English bio of the group. As of May 2019, she retired from the group activities.

2020 - 2024

Filming myth bridging India and Japan

You could invite her to perform in Puja via contact formPlease name the time & place with your preference: e.g. MarathiJapan FusionAuthentic style, BollywoodGoddess dance, Emotional songs.

Yuriko has brushed up her Kathak Fusion items choreographed in the dessert city producing roses. Last but not least, enjoy her signature film bloomed in Kyoto, ancient capital of Japan. Subscribe her YouTube.  

1988 - 1997

Received piano education

Yuriko got familiar with the music by playing the piano. She almost finished Sonatina.

1999 - 2001

Joined choir: Mozart Coronation Mass 

For 3 years, Yuriko served as the choir of the missionary school.

Every week-day, she sang chorals in the broadcasting room as the opening of the morning assembly.

In Christmas Mass and Anniversary Mass of the School Foundation, 30 min. of full Coronation Mass was played by the students. She enjoyed singing by ear, both tutti and solo part, with magnificent pipe organ sound.   

2002 Christmas

Joined 'Keio Collegium Musicum Vocale'

As best players of the liberal arts music class of the Keio University, Yuriko took the part of the solo, which consist of 6 soprano singers,  in Bach, Schutz, Handel, and Mozart choral. It was the first time that she has ever been familiar with Melisma-style baroque tunes.   

2012 Christmas

Formed the international choir 'Climate Cantabile' 

Inspired by the piano at the entrance hall of her work place, Yuriko formed the international choir with her colleagues, which consist of Europe, Africa, and East-Asia.

As first head of the choir club, she initiated several concerts and prepared singing materials including editing of the scores until her retirement from the think tank. 


Began training of operatic singing

Triggered by irresistible passion for expression, Yuriko started to learn under active opera singers. It was the beginning of her journey to seek a solo style singing. Since then, she has performed Aria in public every year. 

2019 Summer

Participated in the vocal music competition

Enjoyed singing Bach's Cantata and Handel's Aria at the concert hall which represents Japan. The experience of performing in the 500 seating capacity hall with good acoustic sound refined Yuriko's senses.   

2020 -

Harnessing her endeavour to various fields

Upon the success of soprano recital in TokyoYuriko has been cooking several projects including but not limited to the international premier of 'The Glorious Facets of Heart' in Vienna, offering original interpretations of opera & choreography inspired by the global traditions of Japan, India, and Europe.


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Reunion of glories, now!
She who leads music.

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