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'Om Namah Shivaya' (2023)
Devotional dance to welcome participants of 'Homa: Holy fire ritual'
at Kyoto Shoboji Temple 

These are the digest of the reel. Hope you like them!

Improvisation 'Chaaptilak' (2019)
Yuriko dressed in Emerald x Black

Kathak fusion Goddess dance in Marathi film 'Apsara aali'  (2023)

Belly fusion Bollywood dance 'Mayya Mayya' (2021)
Yuriko dressed in Royal blue Salley

Traditional dance of Mumbai: Lavani in Marathi
 'Wajle Ki Bara' (2017)
Yuriko dressed in White

Celebration dance among tribe from various parts of the world 
'Mohenjo Mohenjo' (2017)
Yuriko dressed in Lavender x White w/golden Isis wing

50s Bollywood in Salley costume 'Dil mein Pyar Ka Toofan'  (2018)
Yuriko dressed in White Chori (Indian blouse)

Bollywood dance, playing Radha & Lord Krishna
 'Radha Nachegi' (2016)
Yuriko dressed in Yellow Chori (Indian Blouse)
*Please view directly from YouTube, starting from 5:35. Thank you!

Meditative dance 'Om Namah Shivaya'
with 'Prajna-Paramita Heart Sutra' (2023)

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