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Divine Trident of Shiva: Sword of Now

Updated: May 11

Taking this precious opportunity of delivering our blog for the first time in 2024, let us say out loud - Wish you all the brightest year ahead!

Yuriko has been tuning into Lord Shiva to celebrate the momentum shift towards New Year.

The Act 3. of our film Reunion will highlight the Festive Mood of Diwali. Diwali is the festival of light in New Year holidays, which has been cherished all across India.

Upon encountering the warm lights emerging from the darkness, Yuriko felt as if she was in traditional Diwali celebration in India, actually she was standing in front of the alter of the distinguished temple in Kyoto. The candle lights are the sacred portal to bridge India and Japan.

How to be attuned to the divine trident of Shiva

Since the launch of Act 1. Deep River "Ganga," long time no click sound every time Yuriko tried to finalise the sequence of the dancing scene to be highlighted as Act 3. Festive Mood "Diwali." Something was odd and she could not say full body YES to her script to be shared among editors.

After 3 months of inner/outer journey looking at the very roots of that blurry concept, she got Ah-ha for the sequence - Nothing is odd in her first plot produced in 2023. ALL IS DIVINE AS THEY WERE BORN.

What makes her irritated was the previous paradigms slept in her closet. She burned all the dresses irrelevant to her present energies. She was so much in union with those costumes for a long time on the stage - most of them were made by tribes. Even after several years passed, those dresses have certain souls to pull Yuriko. When tuning into the voice of the souls in the closet, she lost the courage to go with her present concept: Festive Mood "Diwali."

Have you noticed the weapon of Lord Shiva? In India, it is the trident. In Japan, it is the sword. Both are to cut the irrelevant thoughtforms completely. You may sense them in her dancing. Sword mudra also appears in Apsara choreography published as Act2. Grace "Chandra."

Yuriko translated the name of the weapon as Sword of Now. It is the sword to clear the blurry pictures seen as nightmare. Let's burn them with sacred fire poured from divine halo of Lord Shiva!

It is our great pleasure to deliver the purest energies packed with ultimate NOW of Yuriko.

Act 3. Festive Mood "Diwali" will be the simplest film. Hope you can feel the clarity cut by sword mudras together with the choreography depicting divine trident of Shiva. It will be published at our Film page in conjunction with YouTube channel before spring comes. Hooray ♡

(Published: 22 January 2024)


The story introduced in our blog posting is one of her personal journeys happened during the plot creation. We, Yuriko Performing Arts including Yuriko herself, do not bear any blame caused by the act triggered by our contents. Please contemplate by your own self on any decision-making.

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