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Snowy Apsara follows Indra's lightning

Updated: Apr 6

Hey, lovelies. How have you been after the first day of spring? In Japan, New Year starts with spring in principle. That is why we call New Year holidays as Fresh Spring literally. In that sense, now we are in the beginning of New Year with the energy of sprouting something beautiful.

Snowy Apsara with golden rain of mercy

In Fresh Spring season, we often have snowfall. It is felt like purification, isn't it? Initiate from ultimate white, zero point.

It is curious that so much rain we had in Kyoto during location shooting of our film "Reunion."

The drizzle blessed Yuriko, the principal dancer of the film, to calm down her nerve system burning in such a graceful manner. Because of the rain, she was able to concentrate on her dancing with less visitors to the temple. Whenever she gave a performance or create a plot, her temperature rises up slightly as her nerve system is full-on fire!!

The rainy sounds refreshed the ears of our team. We have packed rainy drops in the second act and named: Grace "Chandra." It is pure gold - gems poured from heaven, led by Goddess Apsara. What is Soma, actually? Yuriko interpreted that nectar of Chandra as rain of grace.

Yuriko has danced Goddess Apsara since 2016. What has impressed her the most was the presence of Lord Indra every time she tuned in the music. No one, including the Indian choreographer as well as the Japanese dancers, has never mentioned the name of Indra clearly. Yet, Yuriko's heart got excited whenever she heard the lyric phrase saying "Indra."

Goddess Apsara serves Lord Indra. Lord Indra is famous for his weapon to initiate thunder: Vajra. Since Apsara has been considered as a fairy related to water element in the myths of India, Yuriko sensed as if Apsara is flying through the rainy clouds to appear in front of us, humans.

Indra's lightening in Sword Mudra

Okay, breath. Another impressive moment of Apsara choreography is Sword Mudra in the beginning of the show. Title of the music "Apsara Aali" means "Goddess Apsara comes." Apsara shows up by cutting the clouds with her sword mudra and arrives on the ground with clear sky on her back. Inspiration, so to speak, Indra's lightening, brews up the blurry picture covering up our eyesight. It might be the function of Vajra.

If you are a passionate reader of our blog, now the links between Lord Shiva and Lord Indra has been connected perfectly! Yuriko believes that Divine Trident of Shiva, Sword of Now passed down in ancient Japanese temples, and Vajra of Indra represent the same: clarity gained through the art creation.

The process of creation is really a Chaos - it is like Tower of Babel. Different voices talk about different things. We cannot hear them all. Nightmare covers us up in our mind. Inspiration fallen from the sky clears them out suddenly. It is only embodied when the creators are in the ultimate now, purified white. And vice versa - Indra's lightning hit the creator and purification happens.

Heart Sutra, embraced by Quan Yin

Let's celebrate the completion of our film, whole creation process throughout 3 years and a half, with earth drums depicted in Heart Sutra, with dancing Shiva choreography.

It is amazed Yuriko that the final posture of Apsara choreography is Dancing Shiva.

The following Act 3. Festive Mood "Diwali" begins with the last part of Heart Sutra celebrating the dancing beat made by bare foot. India is bare foot culture. It well fits the spirit of Heart Sutra.

Golden hidden statue of Quan Yin is the keeper of the Vajra in that temple we have photo/video graphed. Quan Yin has joined our film as a form of rain and waterfall. Quan Yin is humble. Feel the Quan Yin on the dragon as nature in our film.

Bunch of blessings to you!

Diwali is celebrated by Goddess Lakshmi, wearing pink and green. Lakshmi is with us as colours in Act 2. Grace "Chandra."

(Published: 8 February 2024)

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