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Flame illuminator's journey: Bach & Rossini

Updated: Feb 7

Hello beautiful ones! Let us highlight the memorable first chapter of Soprano Recital 2021 'A Blissful Landing on the Stage' presented by Yuriko Performing Arts. We are thrilled to present some live recordings of such a joyful song fulfilled with celebration: music to praise divinity within each one of us!

The first part of that concert might be rendered as the journey of Flame illuminator.

Here is not the place to describe in detail. Hope you could feel/sense its essence by watching the video below. English subtitles transmuted through Yuriko may support your understanding of German/Italian lyrics. Enjoy the power of paraphrasing!

Prepare your best sound equipment and play the video to dive into the journey!

A glass sound speaker is highly recommended to touch coloratura voice in smooth and silky manner but any earphone connected by Bluetooth® would be of your help to enhance your sound environment.

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