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Flower speaks: Imprints on Yuriko Lys blanc

Updated: May 11

Hope all is well with you, dear ones! Some of you might have noticed that Yuriko described her name as 'Yuriko Lys blanc' in her video work as well as private sessions online to brighten up ♡

Her name Yuriko means flower lily in Japanese. Through getting in touch with its flower essence, let's see the glimpse of her journey to sense/form/enjoy beauty as an expresser.

Through dedicating flowers to Mother Mary

Yuriko's journey to touch 'essence of our being' started when she was 6 or 7 years old.

The elementary school she joined was founded by sisters coming all the way from France and UK. The school had regular ceremony to consecrate flowers to Mother Mary: Each student offered a flower to the statue of Mother Mary.


When Yuriko was assigned a role to care flowers dedicated from all the students (the role to arrange flowers in number of vases,) she was so impressed and even afraid of sensuality as well as life-force that each flower is carrying. Sometimes it was difficult for her to touch flowers directly because of the vividness and wildness of their own nature.


The reason why she was assigned as flower caring service is, she was absent for the election day. Flower caring service was the most popular charge amongst her classmates. Her classmates said that 'We left the most beautiful one for you because you did not have the right chance to enroll.'

From that moment, Yuriko has been seeking to embody our beauty, that is spirit, in our daily life.

That perspective is imprinted to spur her on to 'La Carita' scored by Rossini, which was presented in Soprano Recital 2021.

With humble wish to deepen its compassionate love based on fellowships, Yuriko Performing Arts are preparing the next concert 'The Glorious Facets of Heart' to be held during the season of roses.

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(Published: 22 February 2022)

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