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The Mediterranean Divas - Stream of Romance

Updated: Aug 17

Ciao, beloveds! Here is the second chapter of Soprano Recital 2021 'A Blissful Landing on the Stage' presented by Yuriko Performing Arts. This part is much more tuning in emotional stream, revealed by beautiful music scored by Handel.

Touched by Siren Partenope, who embraces the genes of Muse and Stream, Yuriko's cadenza has been composed. May Grace with you by watching 2 min. of the clip below. Let's fly together!


Should you wish to support any creative works presented by Yuriko, do not hesitate to share your love by contributing via Stripe (Credit Card/Apple Pay/Google Pay) or PayPal. Me @yurikoperformingarts.

Guide: 7 Euro or 1,000 JPY for each contribution

Upon the receipt of payment, a special message will reach you in next Christmas. See Privacy Policy to get to know how Yuriko Performing Arts handle submitted information.

Look forward to connecting with audience all around the world! Blessings.

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