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The prima donna flowering the golden age of Handel: premier of Lotario & Partenope

Hooray! Distinguished guests of our event, the international premier of “The Glorious Facets of Heart.” Let us convey warm greetings from Yuriko Koyanagi, a creative director of the organiser.

Here in this blog post, pretty much look forward to delivering the stories related to Handel works highlighted in our programme.

2014 as another memorable year for her journey of classical music ♡

Cafe at Covent Garden
Upon the receipt of tickets for Rigoletto at Royal Opera House, Yuriko strolled around the cafe at Covent Garden.

Utter beauty presented by Verdi's opera has motivated her to sing Aria of Gilda to be part of her repertoire.

Also, whenever Yuriko sings opera composed by Handel, she calls upon the luminous presence of the Royal Opera House, representing the triumphs made by prima donna Anna Maria Strada.

Most of Yuriko's repertoire are the coloratura pieces written for Sop. Strada, flowering the golden age of Handel.

With gratitude and respect for Team Handel, Yuriko Performing Arts cordially invites you to the premier of The Glorious Facets of Heart.

3 Arias in Lotario (HWV 26) and Partenope (HWV 27) which were premiered by Strada almost 300 years ago, will be highlighted in our programme!!!

Sop. Yuriko Koyanagi
W/ the score of Partenope (Photo by Junko, La-Bana-Ha)

In that concert with piano accompaniment,

Japanese soprano Yuriko Koyanagi performs select works celebrating the fragility and resilience of love in all its forms.

The program takes audience members on a voyage through the depths and heights of the human condition.

See you soon at the temple of classical music Musikverein Wien.

Don't miss our programme at Brahms Hall. Book your seat now at Musikverein Box Office.

Published: 8 May 2022

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